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Slush and Slurp

A discussion with a colleague was the genesis of my journey to Ice cream 504. I had divulged my latest escapades into the dark world of ice cream indulgence to my colleague, and the first words out of their mouth were: “Ice cream 504”. Being the diligent seeker I am, I logged this morsel of intel into my book of spells and sorcery and promised myself to visit Ice cream 504 at the earliest opportunity. Well, that opportunity did present itself on a scorching New Orleans Saturday evening. Ice cream 504 is only a hop, skip and jump away from what I call home right now. I was soon pulling into the parking lot on 2511 Jena Street, New Orleans.

The parking lot was filled with vehicles, so I was surprised to find literally no one inside 504 when I entered (surprise! it’s a shared lot). But I wasn’t fazed, I was a man on a mission. On entering, I could tell that the solitary window unit was fighting a losing battle against the 90 degree heat- the whirring sound of the motor compensating for the missing throb of patrons that I suspected had beat me to it earlier.

Instinctively, I bee lined to the counter and inspected the belly of a freezer struggling to keep the smothering heat at bay. A quick scan of the pails that I assumed once held mountain peaks of creamy deliciousness quickly made it evident that I was late to the party- I could see straight to the bottom. Thirsty or ravenous new Orleanians had disemboweled most of the ice cream repositories. However, I was able to scavenge a scoop-each of the dark cherry and coffee ice cream flavors. With the clock against me - the ice cream had literally started flowing down my dominant hand - the one I trust to hold all things ice cream, I bolted to a rickety chair and begun the quest to down what was quickly becoming a slush. I have to say, I wasn’t disappointed- it tasted natural and airy (maybe due to the sublimation that was occurring in real-time?) - I don’t know. But I suspect it would have felt light and refreshing even in the dead cold of winter. It didn’t feel like was devouring an artificial mélange of flavor but rather, I could imagine and see in my minds eye, the dark cherries being plucked fresh off the bush and placed in a basket ready for the farmers market. The coffee flavor ice cream had flakes of real coffee (I confirmed with the staff member) speckling the white curtain of a not too creamy base. I know my coffee, and this, this was darn good coffee - exactly what you add in anything you plan to call ice cream coffee. Now, I hate that I had to wolf down this dreamy pair like a ravenous beast, but I have no regrets. I would go back every day if I could afford to. If I had any advice, it would be: fix the darn window unit! Otherwise, your ice cream rocks!

My very unimportant opinion :)

Nothing is fun without some controversy - so how about some very unobjective scoring (disclaimer: I am not a professional critic - I only have very suspect tastebuds. All views are personal opinions and not to be held as gospel truth or scientific fact: take with a humongous pinch of salt! Lastly, you can try this at home - unless you are lactose intolerant or on a ketogenic diet. In that case...)

Flavor: 8/10 (The flavors felt natural and unadulterated)

Light airiness: 8/10 (Quite refreshing light ice cream - I didn't know any better, I'd classify it keto friendly- but we all know better)

Sweetness: 8/10 (A lovely subtle sweetness)

Appearance: 7.5/10 (I think this would have hit an 11/10 but for the hellish heat in da house!)

Warm fuzzies: 7.0/10 (I so much want this to be redeemed on my next visit!)

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