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Updated: Jul 29, 2023

Independence Day 2023, was cloudy and dull in LA. Isn't the 4th of July supposed to a bright sunny day - signifying the promise a newly forged nation must have held in the minds of its citizens?? But, not this time - probably mother nature too, is sickened by the rancid atmosphere emanating from bowels of the nation's seat of government and was reflexively holding a mirror to us saying: look! look at what you have become America!

An intervention to counter the doom and gloom was called for, and a mindless road trip seemed like the perfect antidote. I spun the roulette wheel in my mind and that is how I ended up heading south to Houma, Louisiana. Now, the drive to Houma is not what you would call exciting - it is not meant to be. You get strapped in, take a shot of the strongest cold brew you can lay your hands on, apply tape to eye lids, grip steering wheel (or yoke - oh ye smug Tesla owners - I love them!!) and drive. That's how I made it to Houma - a quiet corner of Louisiana inundated with brackish water. Now, when I got to Houma, I can say, I did have a ton of fun but that is a story for another day (remind me to tell that story when you see me next time).

Cut to the chase: I am halfway done galivanting, look up in the sky and there is promise of cats and dogs raining down from the heavens. I knew then, it was time to head north and bid Houma adieu. Not being known for having any sense of direction, I dutifully strapped my old friend Mr. iPhone to the dash and trusted my arrival to New Orleans on the monotone voice emanating from the wretched fellow that has been trapped in google maps ever since I can remember. It was on my next to penultimate turn to exit this quiet town that I happened to spy out the corner of my eye the Scarlet Scoop - It was a reflex action, my foot slammed on the brake pedal and I was heading in the opposite direction pronto.

Not many patrons were at the Scarlet Scoop but enough for it to be open at 4 pm on Independence day. My chosen victims (or winners - emancipated from the wintery prison) were a scoop of cake butter and another of the sea salt caramel. Now, both flavors did make a passing case to my unforgiving tastebuds - The cake butter subtly reminded me of the days I stole more than a few finger licks from my mom's batch of cake mix(no shame here!). The sea salt caramel too did make it's case, barely. As you can tell, I was not hooting and hollering after the first bite. I dutifully consumed the refreshing cream - but that's what it was - refreshing enough to give the needed pep in my step to arrive in NOLA in one piece. I might need another foray down south to give this diamond in the rough another go!

Its part of the job so, here we go - (Disclaimer - I could be desperately wrong, take with a pinch of salt!)

Flavor: 6/10

Creaminess: 7/10

Sweetness: 7/10

Appearance: 7/10

Warm fuzzies: 6/10

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