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I Scream!

Updated: Aug 27, 2023

Someone's got to do this nasty job! I have volunteered so the rest of mankind may be saved the humiliation and heartache!

My initial foray was a saunter to Parish Parlor - mustering all the courage I could, I stepped into the lovely establishment and was greeted by an aroma that simply stated - "You are in the right place, child." This is the aroma all ice cream establishments ought to have, full stop.

Parish Parlor has a wide selection of flavors: Fate had it that the "Toasted Strawberry" would by my round 1 opponent at the Parlor, and this ice cream fiend wasn't disappointed. If I were a strawberry and had to choose my fate, my vote would be to join the acclaimed Parish Parlor Toasted Strawberry club. Need I say more??

My very unimportant opinion :)

Nothing is fun without some controversy - so how about some very unobjective scoring (disclaimer: I am not a professional critic - I only have very suspect tastebuds. All views are personal opinions and not to be held as gospel truth or scientific fact: take with a humongous pinch of salt! Lastly, you can try this at home - unless you are lactose intolerant or on a ketogenic diet. In that case...)

Flavor: 9/10 (As strawberrylicious (yes, the word exists) as red luscious strawberries on a bed of straw in Ponchatoula (IYKYK!).

Creaminess: 10/10

Sweetness: 9/10 (a lovely subtle sweetness that is not overwhelming).

Appearance: 9/10 (a very seductive blush pink - beware!)

Warm fuzzies: 10/10

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